Tuesday, May 3, 2011

so you guys should be jealous

look I know I ignore this thing but here's a quick rundown:

I went to Prague/Dresden on my own and met some amazing people, update to follow as soon as I have some time

My parents were here and we had great adventures!

Tomorrow I'm cheering on Schalke 04 (last German team in the Champions league and seriously SCREW MAN U)

Thursday I'm going to see Woyzeck staged with songs by Tom Waits (though Mr. Waits himself will not actually be present)

Friday I'm going to see Preußen Münster secure (if they haven't done it already) it's place at the top of the Regionalliga West, thus ensuring a place in 3. Liga!  This is a big deal because 3. Liga is a fully professional (and thus legitimate) league.

Saturday I am more than likely making an insane day trip to Amsterdam (need to call those Dutch girls I made friends with in Prague). 

Sunday I'm grilling

Monday I've got the day off.

Yeah, you guys should probably be jealous.  

Also belated congrats to Nathan over at L’histoire de sa vie for getting both a job and an apartment!  Real life awaits!

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